Give a Gift Show You Care

Most people are ecstatic to receive any gift. They know that the buyer has gone to great bother to search for a suitable present. Gift certificates, pre-paid gift cards, and even cash are given more often as gifts these days. Busy lifestyles, work and family schedules, and driving the kids all over town leave little time for in-store gift shopping. This causes many gift buyers to turn to the internet, but feel that online shopping lacks that personal touch.

Online buyers don't have to feel that way. With a little extra online searching, you can not only find the perfect gift, but you can also get it personalized exactly for the recipient. Expect extreme surprise and even tearful hugs when your super-special personalized gift is unwrapped. Personalized Gifts for Children Children will tear open any package, even if it is not for them. Although children rarely appreciate the gifts they receive, their parents do.

Furthermore, gifts bearing the child's own name make treasured keepsakes. Here are some ideas for personalized gifts for children. Many online bookstores sell children's books which can be personalized. Gift book categories include books for babies, toddlers, and older children. Holiday books and special books can also be found.

Simply choose a story that matches the interest of the recipient. On the order form, fill in the personalization information. Most books can be personalized with the following information: age, boy or girl, date of occasion, first name, nickname, last name, home town, state, name of older child (brother, sister, friend, or sometimes a pet), names of other friends, a dedication, and whom the book is from.

Once the book order is received, the book printer replaces all the names and places in your chosen story with those of the child! The recipient becomes the star of the story. The action takes place in the child's town, with his or her friends as the co-stars. The book is then hard-bound and shipped.

To find a store online, search for "personalized children's books." Personalized Gifts for Women Men who are tired of buying the same chocolate, wine and flowers gifts should consider a personalized gift for their special woman. Imagine a completely personalized romance novel, with your sweetheart as the star! Much like the children's books described above, her personal information is inserted into a mainstream romance novel. However, the degree of personalization is much more detailed.

In addition to the basic information such as name, town, kids, pets, etc., you can include your name as the main male character (if you are the giver), her favorite music, perfume, physical characteristics, her car, where she works, and much more. Several sites also offer the romance stories in "mild" or "wild" flavors, depending on your (and her) tastes. If you thought roses made her grateful, wait until you make her the star of her very own romance novel. To find a store online that offers this service, search for "personalized romance novels" or "personalized romance stories." They Say "It's the Thought That Counts" Many people are just happy to get some attention on their special occasion.

Make that day even more memorable by surprising your loved ones with personalized gifts they will never forget.

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