How to Find a Professional Erotic Videographer

As in many cases, the first step is always the hardest to take. And you probably felt the same way when you first decided to record yourselves while lovemaking. However, as you take part in more erotic videos, the idea of bringing in a `professional may cross your minds. a professional videographer I mean.

The Benefits of Hiring an Erotic Videographer

A professional erotic videographer can do many things for your x-rated videos.

For one, it can enable you and your partner to engage in lovemaking with more abandon because no one has the responsibility of looking after the videocam! No more checking if the tape is still running, no worries that the lighting is off, no shaky videos because you cant hold the camera steady, and others.

Another reason why hiring an erotic videographer is a good idea is because it increases the `illicit factor of your lovemaking, all the more heating up your sex lives.

Heres a tip: if you can find someone who fits the bill, hire a sexy hunk or woman to do the filming.

The thought of such a *hot* person filming you and your partner increases the sexiness of the occasion. Just be sure you and your partner are BOTH ok with this. The idea is to have the sexy and hot videographer inspire you to be more lustful and not to make you guys self-conscious.

4 Ways to Find a Discreet Videographer to Shoot Your X-Rated Videos

Search online. Nowadays, some erotic videographers promote their services online. If you come across such a site, check to see the videographers bio.

If he or she lives in the same area or state as you guys do, a personal meeting is not a bad idea.

Ask around. If you have friends or even family members whom you know watch adult-rated videos a lot or already engage in their own erotic videos, ask them for referrals! Who knows, some of them may even volunteer to do it. If they do though, be very cautious. Sometimes, hiring a compete stranger or third party - and not someone youll see on the next family barbecue - is better.

Heres a tip: Visit your local adult video shop and ask the salespeople or owner if they can recommend anybody who shoots erotic videos.

Check the Classified Ads. Check the Yellow Pages or the Personals ad section of your Sunday papers to see if theres someone discreetly offering their video recording services.

Place your own ad! When all else fails, place your own ad asking for someone who has experience shooting erotic videos. You can place your ad online and on newspapers and just see how it goes.

Hiring an Erotic Videographer - Always Proceed with Caution.

Regardless of what avenue you take when looking for an adult-rated videographer, ALWAYS take precautionary steps.

When placing an ad, never reveal your real name, phone number and address, or anything that conveys your true identity. You dont want all the spooks to start calling and visiting you.
Its important to meet the videographer in person so that you can be re-assured that he or she is not just some pervert who wants to see people making love but a true professional who does this for a living. Keep in mind that what he/she will be doing is to record a very private moment between you and your partner so its important that you trust him or her on the matter of discreetness.
When meeting the videographer, you should have a good feeling not just about his persona but about his expertise.

For instance, ask him about lighting, types of videocams, etc. Its important that you engage only with a true professional in the field.
It might be tricky to ask for `samples or `referrals as other people obviously do not want their erotic videos seen by you (and vice versa!) but that does not mean that you cannot ask for contracts. Make sure that there are Non-Disclosure Agreements, Copyright notices and all other safety precautions. If hes a professional, hell be used to this and in fact, he should already have these standard contracts in place. Basically, protect yourself from having the erotic video leaked and that if he ever does so, you can legally stop him.

Having somebody else videotape your most private moments is very thrilling but that does not mean that you should not be very careful with whom you deal with. However, once you find that person, youll see your personal x-rated videos reach a whole new level so do give it a try!


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