How to make your blind date a success

So you're going on a blind date. Few dating scenarios are as nerve wracking, and you've probably heard lots of horror stories about miserable blind dates. Your blind date doesn't have to be a disaster, though, if you follow a few simple suggestions to help it be more successful. Prepare Yourself Communication experts say that we commonly form an impression of someone new within the first four minutes of meeting them. The first impression you make will set the stage for the entire blind date so prepare in advance to make a good one. Choose clothes that are appropriate for the date, not too revealing or strange.

Get a fresh haircut, trim your fingernails, and shine your shoes if needed. On the day of date itself, allow plenty of time to get ready and allow extra travel time to wherever the two of you are meeting. Where to Go and What to Do Plan the date for a neutral location, preferably one where there will be a number of other people. When you don't know the other person it's not safe to meet in private, plus if you're in a fairly active location it's easier to disengage yourself from the date if necessary. Most dating experts recommend that a blind date not be centered on a meal.

If the date isn't going well and you're having dinner, you have to stick it out longer than if you're meeting for coffee. There's also the cost factor to consider. If either person is investing a lot of money in the date activity that puts more intense pressure on both people.

The First Meeting Arrive a little early, make sure you're neatly dressed, and step forward with a polite greeting and hand shake. Remember to smile and be friendly, even if you feel nervous. If you're a man, open doors, hang up her coat, and pull out her chair if you're sitting down. If you're a woman and your date does these things for you, say thank you and enjoy being treated with good manners. Making Conversation Getting the conversation started and keeping it going is important to the success of your date.

Remember those experts who said a first impression is formed in less than four minutes? They also tell us that communication is based on much more than just words. In fact, when you're talking with your date the words you use only account for 7% of the total communication occurring. Your tone of voice accounts for 38% of your message and body language accounts for the remaining 55%. Ending the Date When the date comes to an end, thank the other person and say something general like "I enjoyed meeting you.

" If things went really well then you can indicate if you'd like to date him or her again. If things didn't go so well then don't say you'll call, or that maybe you could get together again sometime. This will create a false impression in the other person and simply avoids the truth.

If you don't want to see the other person again, it's okay to say so politely. Saying something like "I think we don't have a lot in common" is much kinder than saying "I'll call you" and then not calling. Always be kind, though, and make every effort to spare his or her feelings as much as possible.

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