How to Meet Women

The most important thing to remember if you want to meet women or even make them take a second glance is to remain cool. Now I'm not talking about "acting cool", I mean BEING cool. The greatest single thing you can do to attract more women is to work on your own feelings and emotions.

What you are looking to achieve, like everything else in life, can be achieved by getting to know yourself. That's right! You've got it back to front. You want to get to know women when you haven't even got to know yourself yet. There are many ways to get to know yourself, including therapy and meditation. The best thing you can do is just become aware of how you are feeling inside.

Keep it simple! Just focus on your feeling in any given moment and through time you will become more and more calmer and subsequently more attractive to the opposite sex. You may think - 'What has this got to do with attracting and meeting women?' and I say 'Everything'. A woman can spot you a mile off if you are uncomfortable with yourself and it is a big, big turnoff.

The good news is that she can also tell if you are comfortable and sure of yourself. That's why many women are attracted to 'cocky' guys. It is because they exude confidence.

Too many guys are focusing on the doing, rather than the being. Chatup lines don't work if you're a nervous wreck. I would suggest to you or anyone that when you are comfortable with yourself it doesn't matter what you say to a woman.

As long as it is not insulting she will be more attracted to how you 'are', your being, than what you say. The words are secondary! Did you ever notice that the more you chase a woman the faster they run in the opposite direction? This is because they can sense how needy you are. And most women don't want to be burdened by a needy guy. The only way you can rid yourself of these wants and neediness and become more attractive to that woman, not in your life, is to work on the person closest to you - YOU.

So stop wondering what makes even the most physically unattractive men pull the women while someone with good looks has no luck in the dating stakes. The difference is in the person. Who they are or have become and not what they do or say.

The woman is attracted to something in a man that most times she cannot even see. If you think this is all way off. Try observing the concepts at work in your daily life.

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