Wedding Communications

Wedding Communications Author: Theresa Moss Planning a wedding? Let's talk about what you'll possibly need, before you start scheduling vendors and suppliers. Communicating with your significant other during this time is most important, as it will eliminate arguments and misunderstandings. Discussing when you can both meet with the officiate, caterer for tasting, viewings, auditioning talent, picking up the marriage license, and visiting the jeweler. Sit down before the scheduling begins so things will run smoothly. How many questions should you need to answer before you begin? Will you rent a p.o.

box or have all wedding related materials sent to your home address? Ask yourself, do you really want strangers knowing where you live? Should you create an email designated solely for wedding correspondence? Would you consider an answering service for guests to call in their RSVP's or an 800#? For out of town callers? Will you be using a pager for vendors and suppliers to leave a message, and you call them back from your home/cellular phone? Videoconferencing, will there be friends, or family who will be unable to attend, and you may possibly be able to rent a video cam so that they can see the ceremony? Walkie talkies and headphones is another communication option for the bridal consultant and her/his assistants. Yelling across the room may be a little difficult. Do you want to pass out your personal home/cellular phone number to everyone you come in contact with? Or would you rather route all the calls to one number which can be disconnected after the event? Will you be renting a voicemail, or purchasing an answering machine for your messages? Faxing documents, do you own a fax machine? Or will you be using an efax account to pass information back and forth to vendors and suppliers? And if you are faxing from home, do you have a printer? A shredder, while cleaning out your documents and those of your fiancé you may wish to begin using a shredder. In the event you have toddlers in the home, shredders are now available with childproof fixtures. Scanners may be advantageous, for a number of reasons. First to categorize and organize all the documents that are wedding related especially contracts.

Later on to inventory your homes new possessions for insurance purposes. Marrying into a family with cultural differences should be carefully considered in your planning. Research the do's and don't so that your immediate family or bridal party aren't unknowingly disrespecting your new family. Also, if they may have language barriers, now is the time to begin researching translators, which you may which to hire for your guests. A computer can be purchased or rented.

You can not only store information, use it to work on your planning, but also make long distance calls. Telephones, you may wish to purchase one with more than one line, a hold button, and other convenient extras, including an answering machine, and speakerphone. Depending on your service provider, a variety of packages would be helpful including 3 way calling, call waiting, call screening, etc.

Contact your provider for more information. Webcams are also another way to communicate, with long distance guests, relatives, or your bridal party. But remember both parties must be able to invest in the equipment. Wedding websites are quite popular, and should be considered, as an additional form of communicating with guests, family and your bridal party. If you know early on that you are not a note taker, or have the memory of a 90 year old (no offense) purchase a digital recorder. During the selection process and throughout the planning you'll need to remember and remind yourself and others of numerous details.

Record it, rewind it, recall it, and repeat it. Are you or someone close to you hard of hearing? If so consider making an appointment for a hearing aid or an alternative such as 1-800-632-7817.

Every little detail is important, and if one person drops the ball, and the other doesn't know it, there could be problems. If you need to have the person repeat the instructions you give them, do it. Don't ignore this important to do until the last minute.

Author T.Louise is the creator of the Check it off Series. An ebook collection of wedding guides. http://www.checkitoffseries.

com and for additional information

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