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Dating Information for Men

Below you will find some essential reading and advice for men that will help you be successful when dating. We don't wish our advice to be patronizing and the articles are meant to get you thinking about what you are doing when dating. Guys use the thoughts here to get your dating act together.

The Flowers of Romance

Romance means flowers. They are beautiful creations of nature, colorful, delicate and small works of art. There are few women in this world who do not like receiving flowers and there are fewer still reasons why flowers should not be given throughout the year. Men still appear to have a problem with giving flowers and look completely lost in a decent florist. There are no excuses for this guys. So it is about time men got to grips with giving flowers to women more regularly.

The first thing that strikes me is that men often view flowers as superfluous, too expensive, a complete waste of cash or simply unnecessary. Well guys you are wrong on all counts. And just to be clear, the person writing this article is a man. A man who shows a knowledge of flowers and feels very comfortable selecting and purchasing for his lady is sexy, shows knowledge and confidence. He is happy with himself, his sexuality and his abilities. A man who doesn't know where a florist is, has hardly ever bought flowers, doesn't know pink ones from yellow ones is a pathetic creature who deserves to be single.

The worst kind of flower incident of the year has got to be Valentine's day. On this day the florists are crowded and the phone rings off the hook. The poor shops are under pressure from hoards of men who are clamoring for two dozen red roses for their loved ones.

For the other 364 days a year such men don't even know where the florist is. Interflora and the many delivery firms are stretched to overload in delivering the same de rigueur flowers across the land. My problem is that there are so many beautiful flowers throughout the year that you could give and nowhere near as expensive as on 14 February. Your date would love to receive early spring flowers like tulips of daffodils. They would love to receive pink roses in June or even a single daisy in August.

The problem is that men often think that the act of buying flowers threatens their masculinity. They see the whole process as a chore, they often don't appreciate what they are buying and quite frankly it shows. It makes me angry when there are so many beautiful florists in each city that are largely ignored by them men of our world. I was not surprised to see in a local florists the other day an ad saying to women, he will never buy them so why not get your own. How sad an indictment is that.

You are a guy who knows how to date, you are a guy who hasn't dated in years, you are a guy who has never been successful with women. Whatever your situation there are some common dating rules to follow when venturing into the dating jungle.

These rules are simply to protect your emotional state and to ensure even handed success. Women are trained from day one in the art of dating warfare. They have a physical and emotional arsenal that you may never hope to match. But don't be outgunned, be prepared my friends as the dating battle isn't over yet buddy.